Stenhøj SGA400 COMBI


Avgassmåler for bensin og diesel. 4-gass/5-gass/røykgass. Kan også leveres i enkelte enheter, med bærbar røykgassmåler. Pris fra kr. 55.900,Leasing fra kr. 1144, COMBI 4-gassmåler og røykgassmåler med printer og vogn



  • Gas analyzer incl. Lambda
  • With printer (thermal printer)
  • 7m Hose and probe in stainless steel
  • Power cable
  • Aqua sense:
    protects the optical bench from being damaged of liquids if those would enter the analyzer
  • Fast warum up time:
    The warum up time of the optical bench is less than 10 seconds and full accurasy is reached wihtin 2 minutes of running
  • Optical IR bench:
    Solid state detector, OIML calss 00 with latest technologies and highest accuracy available
  • Smoke analyzer for diesel vehicles
  • Light absorption partial flow opaciemeter
  • Vehicle test time is less than 3 minutes
  • Two test programs included
  • Automatic zeroing
  • Linearity test
  • Diesel smoke opacity is measured in smoke density % (also known as Hartridge HSU units) as well as in absorption coefficient k (m- 1).
    The readings of the k and % opacity values are displayed simultaneously.
  • Upgrades:
    New firmware can be downloaded via USB. Much quicker and more reliable than earlier proms
  • Measurement:
    Both accuracy and resolution are improved comparing with precursor
  • Reliability: 12 months calibration interval

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